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The names of the engineers of the grade of assistant engineer and higher ranks who have been connected with the State Engineer's department since the time of the preliminary Barge canal survey (1900) constitute the present chapter. It has been attempted to make the list complete even at the risk of including the names of some who were engaged on other work than Barge canal construction. Between 1900 and 1909 the building of State highways employed the time of a large part of the State Engineer's corps. Since the list contains all the names of the given grades in the whole department during those years, it is doubtless true that several men appear there who were engaged chiefly in highway work and whose connection with the Barge canal was rather slight or brief, or possibly who were not connected with it at all. It is not possible now without undue labor to determine just which are such names.

STATE ENGINEERS FROM 1900 TO 1922                    

Edward A. Bond January 1, 1900, to May 1, 1904
Henry A. Van Alstyne May 10, 1904, to December 31, 1906
Frederick Skene January 1, 1907, to December 31, 1908
Frank M. Williams January 1, 1909, to December 31, 1910
John A. Bensel January 1, 1911, to December 31, 1914
Frank M. Williams January 1, 1915 to December 31, 1921 (Term unexpired)

DEPUTY STATE ENGINEERS                    

Wm. Pierson Judson January 1, 1900, to December 31, 1904
Edmund F. Van Hoesen January 1, 1905, to December 31, 1906
Frank L. Getman January 1, 1907, to December 31, 1908
H. W. DeGraff January 1, 1909, to December 31, 1910
A. G. Chapman October 1, 1912, to December 31, 1914
Wm. B. Landreth January 1, 1915, to December 31, 1918
R. G. Finch January 1, 1919, to December 31, 1921 (Term unexpired)


Henry C. Allen May 12, 1904, to December 31, 1906
William R. Hill January 1, 1907, to December 31, 1908
Wm. B. Landreth January 1, 1909, to December 31, 1910
A. E. Kastl January 1, 1911, to July 31, 1914
D. B. LaDu August 1, 1914, to July 31, 1918
Friend P. Williams January 1, 1919, to May 31, 1921

DIVISION ENGINEERS                    
Eastern Division                    

T. C. Leutzé January 1, 1900, to October 14, 1901
H. A. Van Alstyne November 1, 1901, to May 10, 1904
Chas. W. Trumbull May 20, 1904, to December 31, 1906
J. J. Creeden January 1, 1907, to June 30, 1907
L. B. Harrison July 1, 1907, to December 31, 1908
George D. Williams January 1, 1909, to December 31, 1910
John A. O'Connor February 1, 1911, to December 31, 1911
D. B. LaDu January 1, 1912, to August 1, 1914
R. G. Finch August 1, 1914, to December 31, 1914
George D. Williams January 1, 1915, to July 31, 1919
E. D. Hendricks September 1, 1919, to December 31, 1921 *

Middle Division                    

W. H. H. Gere January 1, 1900, to May 30, 1904
Charles O. McComb June 1, 1904, to December 31, 1906
Henry B. Brewster January 1, 1907, to December 31, 1908
Guy Moulton January 1, 1909, to December 31, 1910
Edwin Styring January 1, 1911, to December 31, 1914
Guy Moulton January 1, 1915, to December 31, 1921 *

Western Division                    

A. J. Rockwood January 1, 1900, to December 31, 1906
John P. Kelly January 1, 1907, to December 31, 1908
Thomas W. Barrally January 1, 1909, to December 31, 1910
Edward J. Govern January 1, 1911, to March 31, 1914
Friend P. Williams April 1, 1914, to December 31, 1918
L. C. Hulburd January 1, 1919, to December 31, 1921 *

*   Term unexpired.

CONSULTING ENGINEERS                    

Henry C. Allen, 1916-21 * B.H. Davis, 1919-21 *
Mortimer G. Barnes, 1907-11; 1911-15 Chauncey N. Dutton, 1900
Edward A. Bond, 1904-11 C.C. Egbert, 1909-21
Wm. A. Breckenridge, 1904-11 Com. Alfred Brooks Fry, 1904-11
Wm. H. Burr, 1900-01; 1911-15 Henry Goldmark, 1900; 1917-21 *
Dr. E.L. Corthell, 1904-11; 1916 E.P. Goodrich, 1917-21 *
B.F. Cresson, Jr., 1917-21 * George S. Greene, Jr., 1900; 1911-15
H. McL. Harding, 1917-21 * Edward P. North, 1900
Eugene E. Haskell, 1916-21 * Palmer C. Ricketts, 1900
D.J. Howell, 1900-1 Joseph Ripley, 1909-18
Daniel C. Kingman, 1900 Elnathan Sweet, 1900-1
Emil Kuichling, 1900; 1905 Col. T.W. Symons, 1900-1; 1904-11
Wm. B. Landreth, 1918-21 * T. Kennard Thomson, 1911-15
T.C. Leutzé, 1900-1 H.R. Wait, 1920-1 *
E.C. Moore, 1916-21 * Maurice W. Williams, 1918-21 *
George S. Morrison, 1900-1 George Y. Wisner, 1900
Alfred Noble 1901  

*   Term unexpired.


H. D. Alexander B. E. Failing
Henry C. Allen Perry Filkin
Edward Anderberg R. G. Finch
George C. Andrews C. H. Flanigan
T. W. Barrally G. Edward Gibson
John R. Baxter Carleton Greene
S. W. Belding R. S. Greenman
O. F. Bellows  
A. S. Berguist George H. Haley
E. J. Berry E. D. Hendricks
J. H. Brace J. V. Hogan
G. M. Braune Robert E. Horton
A. E. Broenniman C. H. Hoyt
L. D. Brownell J. T. N. Hoyt
G. M. Bull L. C. Hulburd
James Burden L. S. Hulburd
Louis A. Burns  
  Charles A. Ingersoll
S. J. Chapleau  
George F. Chism John R. Kaley
A. A. Conger James E. Kelley
A. W. Conner George T. Kieth
Wm. H. Cushman H.J. Knoppel
D. H. Daley D. B. LaDu
P. H. Dater E. A. Lamb
F. C. Davis William B. Landreth
Wm. Russell Davis Emile Low
H. W. De Graff  
O. J. Dempster C. H. MacCullouch
Daniel B. Donovan R. J. Marcher
Charles J. McDonough H. E. Smith
H. D. Miller N. Spencer
George C. Mills A. E. Steere
Harry J. Morrison G. F. Stickney
A. R. Morse Edwin Styring
Guy Moulton  
  Earle Talbot
C. R. Neher  
  G. G. Underhill
G. I. Oakley  
J. A. O'Connor Henry A. Van Alstyne
James J. Overn E. F. Van Hoesen
  W. H. Van Wie
M. B. Palmer  
E. V. R. Payne Fred J. Wagner
John G. Peck D. D. Waldo
R. E. Phillips D. A. Wait
E. J. Pickwick W. B. Watson
C. Arthur Poole D. C. Wedgeworth
  Harry A. Weeks
J. M. C. Quarles de Quarles Noble E. Whitford
  M. W. Wilbur
O. C. Richards W. G. Wildes
T. M. Ripley H. P. Willis
Dana W. Robbins Frank M. Williams
  Friend P. Williams
F. N. Sanders Maurice W. Williams
Fred W. Sarr George R. Winslow
S. M. Savage C. H. Wood
H. O. Schermerhorn  
H. C. Smith W. H. Yates

ASSISTANT ENGINEERS                    

W. R. Abbott Charles W. Ashby
Arthur Adams F. C. Ashley
C. H. Adams C. G. Atkin
M. J. Adams Henry Auerbach
J. Ray Aikenhead A. G. Austin
H. D. Alexander E. F. Ayres
C. R. Allen, Jr.  
Edward Anderberg J. F. Bach
Elias H. Anderson I. S. Badger
George C. Andrews T. S. Bailey
A. F. Armstrong George F. Baker
Hubert T. Arnold H. W. Baker
P. L. Arnold C. L. Baldwin
C. L. Bannister Joseph P. Burns
Philip C. Baron Louis A. Burns
T. W. Barrally J. Otis Burt
R. N. Barrett John L. Bush
L. Bartlett  
Charles Bauminster R. W. Cady
L. G. Bayly W. L Caler
E. J. Becker R. D. Cameron
S. W. Belding Albert G. Card
H. Bell S.F. Carlisle
J. C. Bell William H. Carnrike
D. E. Bellows H. A. J. Castor
O. F. Bellows S. J. Chapleau
S. R. Bellows A. G. Chapman
H. W. Benedict J. L. Chapman
W. C. Benedict C. R. Chase
Louis R. Bennett George F. Chism
F. A. Biggi C. M. Chuckrow
Harold Bills John S. Clancy
J. S. Bixby A. T. Clark
L. B. Blade Dorlon Clark
F. E. Blake E. C. Clark
H. E. Blake L. R. W. Clark
R. R. Bradbury H. L. Clarke
George W. Bradley Pitson J. Cleaver
Joseph Brady E. J. Clohessy
H. E. Brainard S. Cohen
E. A. Brainerd John D. Colby
W. C. Bratton C. M. Cole, Jr.
H. E. Breed Isaac O. Cole
S. E. Brettheimer W. L. Coler
Henry B. Brewster R. V. Collins
George H. Briggs A. W. Conner
G. M. Briggs David R. Cooper
Frank W. Bristow Horace Corbin
G. C. Britton Charles W. Costello
Clark Brown N. E. Cottrell
H. H. Brown W. S. Coulter
Otto Brown F. H. Crafts
W. W. Brown W. G. Craig
James K. Browne Wm. P. Creager
L. D. Brownell J. H. Crewell
F. H. Brundage Foster B. Crocker
P. H. Budd Wm. W. Cronin
George M. Bull F. S. Crowell
James Burden C. F. Crowley
O. L. Burdette A. G. Crysler
C. E. Burleigh F. C. Curtin
  C. A. Curtis
Dewitt H. Daley P. C. Gallup
P. H. Dater Ely Gamse
F. C. Davis Louis Garbi, Jr.
J. C. Davis H. A. Gehring
C. R. DeGraff R. C. Georger
H. W. DeGraff G. E. Gibson
C. J. Dempsey R. G. Gibson
O.J. Dempster W. J. Gilmour
W. H. Dernell Hall Gleason
Wayland Dickens F. F. Gordon
F. J. Doerhoefer P. E. Green
E.A. Dollard George E. Greene
James Dollard Harry H. Greene
Daniel B. Donovan R. S. Greenman
J. B. Doughty M. W. Grimes
E. J. Doyle  
J. B. Doyle P. L. Haas
R. E. Drake E. C. Hackett
George L. Dunlop L. L. Hadley
W. J. Durkan George S. Haight
  H. W. Hale
F. M. Eames George H. Haley
G. Edson B. I. Hall
Charles M. Edwards Bruce L. Hall
Frederick Edwards F. B. Hall
Edward M. Ellis George F. Hall
C. E. Elmendorf Louis W. Hall
G. A. Ensign G. R. Halpin
A. M. Evans R. J. Harding
M. D. Ewell W. G. Harger
  C. E. C. Harris
B. E. Failing Ford W. Harris
George A. Fairbanks Frederic W. Harris
W. F. Farley Oscar Hasbrouck
Perry Filkin Harvey F. Hawley
J. C. Finch A. G. Hayden
Martin A. Finch H. E. Hayes
R. G. Finch R. D. Hayes
Thomas E. Finucane C. L. Hayward
C. F. Fisher T. R. Hazelum
C. T. Fisher H. A. Helling
Lewis F. Fisher H. J. Hemstreet
C. H. Flanigan C. L. Henderson
F. H. Flint E. D. Hendricks
J. B. Foote L. A. Hequenborg
H. E. Freleigh Edwin Hilborn
Daniel F. Fulton R. B. Hoadley, Jr.
J. V. Hogan C. A. Lansing
F. B. Holmes Frank P. Larmon
Glenn D. Holmes Samuel Levine
C. A. Holmquist Elmer C. Lawton
Royden L. Holt Frederick T. Lawton
R. Hopkins Clyde E. Learned
Robert E. Horton David R. Lee
Garret O. House E. H. Leggett
J. M. Howard F. Leiser, Jr.
L. T. Howard A. A. Levison
E. J. Howe D. J. Levinson
C. H. Hoyt O. F. Lewis
John H. Huber Kieffer Lindsey
W. T. Huber T. J. Loonie
J. W. Hughes B. J. Lowenstein
L. C. Hulburd F. J. Lynch
L. S. Hulburd  
H. C. Humphrey C. H. MacCulloch
R. C. Hunter R. Mack
Grant Huntley Francis W. Madigan
Harry C. Hutchins J. B. McGuire
J. J. Hynes, Jr. R. J. Marcher
  R. M. Mark
C. A. Ingersoll Frank T. Marsh
L. W. Irish L. H. Marsland
  I. E. Mathews
M. E. James I. S. Matlaw
G. H. Jones J. McBride
D. H. Judson R. P. McClave
  P. F. McClellan
John R. Kaley C. L. McClelland
Harry Kehoe S. B. McDonald
James E. Kelley C. J. McDonough
John P. Kelley W. S. McDowell
George D. Kellogg J. H. McElroy
H. F. Kellogg F. W. McKinney
W. A. Kemper P. F. McLellan
E. E. Kendall Paul McLeod
B. T. Kenyon N. C. McNeill
Charles Kiehm A. D. Merrill
J. P Kivlen R. H. Merrill
Homer C. Kline Harold N. Metzger
F. C. Koerner C. T. Middlebrook
  Arthur S. Milinowksi
D. B. LaDu F. F. Miller
W. A. Lafler George G. Miller
E. A. Lamb Guy H. Miller
Wm. B. Landreth R. E. Miller
H. J. Langois  
George C. Mills C. P. Pengnet
A. S. Mirick A. C. Perkins
John Mockler Wm. C. Perkins
Chester Moore J. W. Pfau
C. W. Morris, Jr. R. E. Phillips
T. J. Morrison E. J. Pickwick
A. R. Morse Charles A. Pohl
Foster B. Morss C. A. Poole
Guy Moulton F. D. Porter
Karl Moulton A. H. Pratt
A. R. Mulligan J. M. Prior
F. J. Mulvaney J. A. Pritchard
J. T. Murphy L. G. Purday
C. D. Murray J. H. Putnam
R. J. Murray W. C. R. Pyne
A. P. Mussi  
C. J. Myers C. E. Quimby
W. R. Neely C. G. Ranney
E. C. Neudecker M. H. Ranney
E. P. Neuschwander C. E. Raynor
J. P. Newton E. G. Raynor
Thomas F. Nichols B. A. Redington
W. N. Niles B. L. G. Rees
Guy L. Noble Solomon Reswick
A. L. Northrup A. C. Richards
  O.C. Richards
George I. Oakley L. S. Rickard
Arthur O'Brien Thomas D. Ringwood
John A. O'Connor T. M. Ripley
J. A. O'Donnell Dana W. Robbins
P. W. O'Grady H. R. Robbins
E. C. Olcott C. D. Roberts
H. J. O'Hara G. M. Rodgers
A. T. O'Leary H. Clyde Roe
H. J. O'Neil C. H. Rogers
N. J. O'Neil Job R. Rogers
E. S. Overbaugh B. W. Rosekrans
D. W. Overocker  
  A. B. Samuelson
J. G. Palmer F. N. Sanders
M. B. Palmer A. D. Sanderson
L. H. Parker Fred W. Sarr
E. V. R. Payne S. M. Savage
A. O. Peabody W. S. Saxton
Wm. W. Peabody Albert L. Sayer
C. I. Peckham D. B. Sayer
George H. Penfield H. O. Schermerhorn
  H. J. Scheuermann
F. J. Schoenlaub J. B. Stobo
P. L. Schultze W. W. Stone
James T. Schuyler W. W. Stowe
G. C. See F. S. Strong
F. J. Seery E. P. Strowger
E. G. Semon R. R. Stuart
O. M. Severson S. M. Stuart
Walter F. Shaw J. H. Sturdevant
R. K. Sheldon Rupert Sturtevant
Raymond K. Shelley Edwin Styring
S. B. Sheridan Isaac Sugerman
Harry Shoemaker C. A. Sullivan
H. J. Simmelink J. Seward Summers
A. L. Simmons C. H. Swick
N. L. Simmons R. E. Swinney
Lester P. Slade E. W. Sylvester
A. G. Slatcher  
J. N. Slater Edw. Taylor
W. H. Slingerland, Jr. N. A. Taylor
I. H. Smallwood Thomas R. Tetley, Jr.
A. W. Smith C. D. Thomas
C. E. Smith George H. Thomson
C. V. Smith S. R. Tighe
H. C. Smith Frank C. Tolles
Howard E. Smith R. Tompkins
M. S. Smith D. J. Tonkonogy
Reeves Smith Frank T. Townsend
R. W. Smith C. W. Trumbull
Wm. H. Snyder  
J. L. Southworth G. G. Underhill
H. S. Sparr  
Herbert Spencer H. A. Van Alstyne
Elwin G. Speyer B. L. Vandervoort
H. J. Stabile Seth M. Van Loam
H. R. Starbird C. R. Vanneman
Burr M. Stark W. H. Van Wie
A. E. Steere  
Smith O. Steere Fred J. Wagner
LeGrand Sterling D. D. Waldo
H. J. Stevens C. R. Waters
J. H. Stevens T. L. Watkins
N. J. Stevens W. B. Watson
E. H. Stewart Joseph Wechsler
Spencer J. Stewart D. C. Wedgeworth
G. W. Stickney H. A. Weeks
H. H. Stickney W. J. Wiegmann
W. M. Stieve W. E. Weller
  E. W. Wendell
L. C. West George D. Williams
J. B. Whipple J. D. Williams
Arthur S. Whitbeck M. J. Williams
S. M. Whitbeck Maurice W. Williams
F. M. White H. P. Willis
Willard O. White C. R. Winslow
David E. Whitford M. W. Wolff
Noble E. Whitford F. C. Woodward
L. H. M. Whitney J. B. Wright
H. R. Wickham  
F. J. Wilbur Joseph H. Young
M. W. Wilbur Nathan E. Young
Waldo G. Wildes  
Frank B. Williams W. D. Zielley
Frank M. Williams M. E. Zipser
Friend P. Williams  

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