Chapter 181 – Black River Navigation Co., incorporated to improve Black river, Brownville to Lake Ontario, in 3 years.


Chapter 35 – Improvement to be done in 3 years.


Chapter 234 – Improvement to be done in 4 years.


Chapter 218 – Improvement to be done in 3 years.


Chapter 236 – Improvement to be done in 2 years.


Chapter 236 – Canal commissioners to survey from Rome to Ogdensburg via Black river.


Report of James Geddes; survey covers 3 routes, from Herkimer, Boonville and Fort Bull, all terminating at Ogdensburg.


Chapter 87 – Black River Canal Co. incorporated to build canal, Rome to High falls and to improve the river to Carthage in 3 years.

Chapter 225 – Jefferson County Canal Co., incorporated to build canal from Long falls to Sacketts Harbor in 5 years.

Cruger’s survey for Black River Co.; 34 miles canal, 11 miles feeder, 40 miles river navigation, lockage 1,090 ft.; estimate based on canal 32 and 20 by 4 ft.; locks 75 ft. long. 7 ½ ft. wide, $437,738.25.


March 24 – Canal commissioners to make survey. (Failed to do so.)


Chapter 114 – Commissioners again ordered to make survey.


Holmes Hutchinson’s report on canal with feeder, inclined planes and locks; report based on a canal same size as Cruger’s, excepting locks to be 10 ft. wide.


Chapter 174 – Black River Company incorporated, to build canal or railroad; capital stock $900,000.


Chapter 139 – Canal commissioners to survey for river improvement and canal.


T. B. Jervis reports for a canal 26 ft. wide, 4 ft. deep, with banks 7 ft. high, with or without inclined planes.


Chapter 187 – Canal commissioners to construct canal and feeder, and improve river.

Portous R. Root appointed chief engineer.


Surveys completed.

November 11, – First 14 miles located and put under contract.


Contracts let from Lansing kill to High falls, also for feeder; river work begun.


Chapter 321 – Canal commissioners to survey for extension from Carthage to Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence river.


Chapter 161 – Commissioners to borrow $250,000.

Report on extension by E. H. Broadhead, pursuant to chapter 321-1839.

Lansing kill aqueduct completed.


Chapter 194 – Commissioners to borrow $300,000.

Contracts let for dam on Black river, guard-lock and sluice and portion of feeder to connect same.


Chapter 114 – "Stop law," all work except necessary repairs stopped.

11,500 cu. ft. per minute available as feeder to Erie Canal.


Chapter 278 – Commissioners to sell canal materials and use proceeds in completing and preserving specified work.


Constitution, Art. VII, Sec. 6, – Canals never to be sold, leased or otherwise disposed of.

Chapter 246 – $2,500 appropriated for preservation of canal.


Chapter 260 – $100,000 appropriated for Black River canal and Erie feeder.

Chapter 447 – $50,000 additional appropriation for Black River canal and Erie feeder.

July 21, – Contracts let to complete feeder (except section 2), dam, bridges, etc.

September 10, – Contracts let for lock work near summit.


Chapter 214 – $130,000 appropriated for Black River canal and Erie feeder.

Black River feeder completed, 4 ft. deep; designed for 16,000 cu. ft. water per minute.

October 18, – Water first turned into feeder.

Dam completed for Forestport pond.

Contracts let from Boonville to Port Leyden.


Chapter 216 – $130,000 appropriated for canal and $10,000 for improvement of river to Carthage.

Chapter 219 – $50,000 appropriation of chapter 260-1847 reappropriated.

June 23, – Water turned in, to supply Erie canal.

November, – Canal filled for 25 miles, Rome to Boonville.

Surveys made of Woodhull and Wolf lakes.

Temporary dam built at Woodhull and Wolf lakes.


Chapter 220 – $120,000 appropriated.

May 10, – First boats passed from Rome.

Contracts let from Port Leyden to High falls.

November 1, – Canal north of Boonville to Port Leyden completed and water let in.


Chapter 181 – Suitable reservoirs to be built.

Chapter 485 – Balance of revenue to be applied to completion by "canal-revenue-certificate" plan.

Canal, Rome to Port Leyden, in use during season.

Contracts let to build sluices around locks, also feeder from Mohawk at Delta.

Surveys made for 4 reservoirs and 42 ½ miles Black river improvement.

Plans adopted for 4 reservoirs, 1,948,308,640 cu. ft.


Court of Appeals declares chapter 485-1851 unconstitutional.


Chapter 166 – Bridge to be built over river at Carthage.

Chapter 620 – $75,000 appropriation.

Contracts let for Woodhull and North Branch reservoirs.


Constitution, Art. VII, Sec. 3. – Legislature to appropriate annually for enlargement of canals.

Chapter 330 – $49,000 appropriation for fiscal year.

Dams built at Carthage and Lyons Falls.

Locks No. 108 and 109 completed.


Contracts let to keep canal in repair for 5 years.

Contracts let for reservoirs at South Branch and Chub lakes.

November 13, – 2.7 miles of canal north of Port Leyden and 13 locks completed, finishing entire canal, exclusive of river improvement.


Chapter 148 – $50,000 appropriated for fiscal year.

North Branch reservoir completed, capacity 423 acres, 309,934,400 cu. ft.

November 12, – Work stopped on other reservoirs and on river.


Chapter 365 – $130,861.06 appropriated.

Chapter 428 – Bridge at Tiffany’s to have a draw.

September 3, – Plan abandoned of improving river by jetty dams and piers.


Chapter 329 – $76,261.17 appropriated from Erie canal.


Chapter 149 – $49,780 appropriated for completing Black River canal, reservoirs and improvement of river.

Chapter 326 – $56,838.91 reappropriated for completing Black River canal; all reservoirs and river improvement made part of section 2, Black River canal.

Woodhull and South Branch reservoirs put under contract.

Guard-lock at head of Delta feeder completed.

June 18, – Contracts let for lock and dam at Otter creek, under new plans for river improvement.

October 10, – Contracts let for river improvement, Lyons Falls to Carthage. 60 ft. channel, 5 ft. water, also for Carthage dam.


Chapter 213 – $75,619 appropriated.

Woodhull reservoir completed, 1,236 acres, 780,943,680 cu. ft.

South Branch reservoir completed, 518 acres.

Delta feeder completed.


Lock and dam at Otter creek finished and river navigation opened; 22 ½ miles slack-water navigation, Carthage to Beach’s bridge; 10 miles dredged to Otter creek; 10 miles slack water to Lyons Falls.

July 2, – Serious break caused by heavy rains; repaired by excavating 300 ft. of new channel.


Chapter 137 – $20,000 reappropriated for completion of canal and river improvement; also completion of reservoir and bridges.

Chapter 169 – All contracts to be closed September 1.


Canal commissioners urge completion of Chub lake reservoir, on which work was abandoned in 1856.

Pier to be built at Otter creek to protect the lock from debris brought down by the stream.


Chapter 151 – $24,298.51 appropriated for lock and dam to be built between Otter creek and Carthage. (Completed 1869.)

Chapter 174 – Commissioners to rebuild bridge over Black river at Lyons Falls. (Built 1865.)

Chapter 472 – Bridge to be built at North St., Port Leyden.

Tolls to be collected on Moose river.


Chapter 703 – Additional appropriation, $35,000 for lock and dam between Otter creak and Carthage, pursuant to chapter 151-1864.

Site selected for lock and dam between Otter creek and Carthage at a point three miles above Beach’s bridge; contract let.


Chapter 543 – $19,401.96 reappropriated from chapter 151-1864.

Chapter 602–State to maintain bridges at Illingsworth and Beach’s.


Chapter 579 – Canal to be enlarged, deepened and widened from its junction with Erie at Rome to lock No. 1.


Chapter 346 – $17,245.46 reappropriated from chapter 543-1866.

Chapter 519 – Bridge to be built over canal at Main St., Port Leyden. (Built 1869.)


Chapter 598 – Authorize board of canal appraisers to hear and determine plans for damages in connection with the break at North lake reservoir.

Chapter 867 – Beach’s bridge and Illingsworth bridge to be repaired and, when necessary, rebuilt.

Chapter 868 – Bridge to be built over Beaver river.

Chapter 877 – Iron bridge to be built at Floyd St., Rome.

Lock and dam above Beach’s bridge completed.

April 21, – Break in dam of North lake reservoir inundates surrounding country, causing enormous damage.


Chapter 767 – Appropriation for bridge over Beaver river.

First level at Rome improved to size of Erie.

North Branch reservoir, washed out in 1869, reconstructed; cost, $97,033.81.


Chapter 930 – Appropriation for balance on enlarging first level and building bridge at Floyd St., Rome.

Cast iron discharge pipes inserted in Woodhull reservoir and the reservoir put in thorough repair.


Chapter 850 – Dam to be built in Moose river at Old Forge, pursuant to chapter 181-1851.

August 6, – Canal board resolves that it is expedient to build Moose river dam at Old Forge.

Sand lake reservoir completed; capacity, 200,000,000 gallons; can be filled twice per year.


Chapter 643 – Appropriation for canal improvements, pursuant to chapters 767-1870 and 930-1871.


February 1, – The three sections of the canal consolidated.


Chapter 499 – Canal board to examine and to report as to sale of canal.


Chapter 382 – Commission appointed to report as to what disposition should be made of canal.

January 13, – Canal Commissioner Thayer and State Engineer Sweet report against abandonment or sale of canal.

January 27, – Black River canal placed in the middle division.


January, – Commission under chapter 382-1876 reports that the canal should be kept open and maintained intact.

All locks from No. 1 to No. 109, inclusive, repaired.


Surveys of Canachagala, Twin and White lakes.

Dam built at second Bisby.


Chapter 336 – Reservoirs to be built on Independence and Beaver rivers.

Canachagala, Bisby, White and Twin lake reservoirs completed; also Fulton chain, and series of 6 reservoirs.


Constitution, Art. VII, Sec. 6, – Prohibits lease or sale of canal.


Chapter 452 – Appropriation to construct reservoir above Forestport reservoir.

Chapter 495 – Black River canal fund appropriation.

Examination made for Beaver river reservoir site, – Stillwater selected.

Plans prepared for Forestport reservoir.


Chapter 355 – Iron canal bridge across Chenango canal at Utica to be removed and laid across Black River canal at Rome.

June 8, – The wooden spillway at Lyons Falls washed away and rendered a total wreck.

Work on dam at second Forestport reservoir commenced.


Chapter 253 – Appropriation for building a towing-path on south bank of Beaver river in town of New Bremen.

Work begun on Stillwater dam, Beaver river.


Chapter 550 – Wall to be built at Lock St., Rome.

Dam at Stillwater, Beaver river, completed; 9 ft. 6 in. above low water, 150 ft. spillway; 328,000,000 cu. ft.

January 5, – The south abutment and 90 ft. of the dam and apron at the head of the Delta feeder washed away by a freshet.


Chapter 113 – Appropriation for general improvement of canal.

Lock No. 29 rebuilt.


Chapter 270 – Appropriation for construction of vertical wall at Rome.

Chapter 416 – Appropriation for improvement of locks.

Locks Nos. 8 and 48 rebuilt.


Chapter 54 – Additional appropriation to chapter 113-1887, for improvement of canal.

Chapter 274 – Additional appropriation for completion of Forestport reservoir, pursuant to chapter 452-1883.

Chapter 493 – Appropriation for general improvement of canal.

Chapter 568 – Appropriation of $16,000 for general improvement of canal.

Lock No. 60 rebuilt.


Chapter 168 – Appropriation of $10,000 for general improvement of canal.

Chapter 338 – Reappropriates unexpended balance for canal improvement, pursuant to chapter 416-1888.

Lock No. 12 rebuilt.


Chapter 143 – Appropriates $5,000 in addition to the $10,000 appropriated by chapter 168-1890, for improvement of canal.

Chapter 342 – Flow ground of Forestport reservoir to be cleared.

Lock No. 1 rebuilt.


Chapter 271 – For constructing a stone wall on west side of canal at Rome.

Chapter 469 – For enlargement and reconstruction of the dam on Beaver river. (Completed 1894.)

Chapter 494 – Appropriates $35,000 for completing Forestport dam and reservoir. (Completed 1893.)

July, – Contract let for completing Forestport dam.

September 6, – Contract let to raise Stillwater dam five feet.


Chapter 395 – For rebuilding bridge over the canal connecting Carthage and West Carthage.

December, – Forestport dam completed.


Chapter 572 – $55,000 appropriated for general improvement of canal.

Claim filled by N. Y. C. R. R. Co. for damages to embankment by Forestport reservoir.

Lock No. 76 rebuilt.


Chapter 102 – For a bridge over canal between Carthage and West Carthage. (Completed 1896.)

Chapter 965 – For a swing or draw-bridge over canal at Garden St., Rome. (Completed 1896.)

Chapter 970 – For an iron bridge over canal at Thomas St., Rome. (Completed 1896.)

Chapter 1030 – For repairing locks on canal.

Locks Nos. 18, 28 and 37 rebuilt.


Locks Nos. 39, 40 and 41 rebuilt.


Chapter 572 – Reappropriation to pay balance provided by chapter 102-1895 for a bridge over canal between Carthage and West Carthage.

July 23, – Break 400 ft. long and 50 ft. deep in bank near Forestport; repairs cost. $62,781.78; navigation suspended 30 days.

Locks Nos. 49 and 96 rebuilt.


Chapter 606 – Appropriates balance due on bridge over canal at Garden St., Rome, pursuant to chapter 965-1895.

Report of D. E. Whitford on water-supply from Adirondack forest.

May 23, – Bad break on canal leader near Forestport; navigation suspended 21 days; caused maliciously; cost of repairs, $50,764.47.

Locks Nos. 51 and 55 rebuilt.


September 18. – Third break, caused maliciously in Forestport feeder bank; navigation suspended 17 days; cost of repairs, $17,089.72.


Chapter 428 – Supplements chapter 469-1892, concerning the restoration of water diverted for canal use to owners of water–power on Black river; new dam to be built on Beaver river.

Locks Nos. 47 and 64 rebuilt.

Canal between Boonville and Lyons Falls recommended to be abandoned.


May. – Judgment in favor of N. Y. C. R. R. Co.; State to pay $13,927.35 or $61,207.99 and give company privilege to extend its embankment into reservoir.

Chapter 420 – $45,000 appropriated to replace Forestport lower dam by concrete structure.


July 28, – Break in berme bank near lock No. 13; navigation interrupted 11 days.

Concrete dam on Beaver river completed.

New concrete dam completed at Forestport.


Bridges 4, 11 and 9 replaced by new structures.

State consent given railroad to construct embankment as specified in decision rendered by Court of Claims in 1902.


Chapter 722 – Unexpended balance of fund for completion of canal transferred to canal-debt sinking fund.

Governor recommends abandonment of section 2, Black River canal.

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