A tabular list of companies chartered for constructing navigable canals within New York State.

In addition to the two waterways whose histories have just been related, many companies have been incorporated by the Legislature to build other canals. These companies are here presented in a tabulated list, which gives the name, date of incorporation and capitalization of the company, the location of the canal and also a brief account of what was accomplished, so far as a rather extended research can ascertain. Possibly some of the companies, which are described as having done nothing, may have begun a part of the construction, but it is probable that if much had been done some record of the operations would have been found. Chronologically the list begins with the Inland Lock Navigation Companies, whose works were finally acquired by the State, as were also several others started by private enterprise. It will be noticed that the period of greatest activity in canal-building on the part of the State, or between 1815 and 1840, was productive of the keenest desire on the part of individuals to share in the profits of a toll-collecting canal. However, it will be observed also that some companies have been incorporated within comparatively recent times. The list contains three canals that were authorized by the State to be constructed by an unincorporated company or by municipalities. Projects for purely hydraulic or drainage canals are not included. The spelling of the statutes is retained for the names of companies and termini.


Capital. Connections. Remarks.
Albany and New Baltimore Ship Canal and Basin Co. April 12, 1853 $1,000,000 Albany and New Baltimore. Survey made. Never built.
Allegany River Slack-water Navigation Co. April 7, 1857. 30,000 --- To improve Allegany river below Olean. Nothing done.
Allegany Slack-water Navigation Co. May 1, 1839. 100,000 --- To improve Allegany river from Olean to Pennsylvania State line. Nothing done.
Auburn Canal and R.R. Co. April 24, 1832. 150,000 Auburn and Erie canal. Nothing done.
Auburn and Owasco Canal Co. April 21, 1828. 100,000 Auburn and Owasco lake. Nothing done.
Auburn and Owasco Canal Co. Mar. 30, 1832 100,000 Auburn and Owasco lake. Charter renewed in 1834; not finished.
Binghamton, Owego and Pennsylvania Slack-water Navigation Co. April 9, 1855 100,000 Southern terminus of Chenango canal to Pennsylvania State line. Act amended in 1857.
Black River Canal Co. Mar. 20, 1828 400,000 Erie canal and Black river. Nothing done.
Black River Co. April 17, 1832 900,000 Rome and Ogdensburgh. To construct a railroad or canal. Nothing done, but the Black River canal fulfilled the needs.
Black River Navigation Co. April 5, 1810 10,000 Brownville and Lake Ontario. Not Constructed.
Cassadaga Navigation Co. April 16, 1827 20,000 --- To improve Cassadaga creek; not completed.
Catetunck Lock Navigation Co. Mar. 3, 1815 70.000 --- To improve Catetunck creek from its mouth to northwest branch. Nothing done.
Chenango Junction Canal Co. May 12, 1846 1,000,000 From Chenango canal at Binghamton to Pennsylvania State line. Nothing done by company. The State undertook the work in 1863, but the line was never completed.
Chittenango Canal Co. Mar. 6, 1818 30,000 Chittenango village and Erie canal. Assumed by the State and used as a navigable feeder for the Erie canal.
Delaware and Hudson Canal Co. April 23,1823 500,000 Rondout, N.Y., and Honesdale, Pa. Capital stock increased to $1,500,000 on April 7, 1824. Canal completed in 1829; in operation till close of navigation, 1898. Abandoned January, 1899. A few miles still open.
Delaware and Susquehannah Navigation Co. April 20, 1825 500,000 Delaware and Susquehannah rivers. Nothing done.
Ellicott's Creek Slack-water Navigation Co. April 23, 1829 5,000 --- Nothing done.
Foster's Meadow Canal and Dock Co. April 18, 1859 5,000 --- From Hook creek, where it empties into Jamaica bay, to a point in town of Jamaica.
(Gowanus Canal). April 24, 1837 --- Gowanus bay and Hudson river. City of Brooklyn authorized to construct canal. Partially improved.
Great Chazy Navigation Co. May 11, 1836 5,000 Lake and lower bridge at Champlain.  
Granville Canal Co. April 18, 1825 200,000 Champlain canal and Bishop's Corners Nothing done.
Harlaem Canal Co. April 18, 1826 350,000 Harlaem creek and North river. Partly done and abandoned.
Harlaem River Canal Co. April 16, 1827 500,000 Spitendeuvel creek and Harlaem river. Surveyed, but not constructed.
Hudson and Harlem River Canal Co. May 2, 1863 100,000 Hudson and Harlem rivers.  
Hudson and Mohawk Lock Navigation Co. April 17, 1816 500,000 Cohoes Falls and Schenectady. Nothing done.
Hudson's River Canal and Channel Co. April 4, 1806 3,500 --- For raft navigation on upper waters. Nothing done.
Ithaca and Port Renwick Railroad Co. May 8, 1835 15,000 Fall creek to Cayuga lake. Company which was incorporated April 16, 1834, to build railroad from Ithaca to Cayuga lake, was authorized in 1835 to construct canal. Nothing done.
Jamaica Canal and New York Inland Navigation Co. April 18, 1859 100,000
[See errata]
From Gravesend bay to Jamaica village.  
Jefferson County Canal Co. April 15, 1828 300,000 Carthage and Sacketts Harbor Nothing done.
Junction Canal Co. April 21, 1828 100,000 From Erie canal near Champlain Junction to Hudson river. Constructed at a cost of $21,417.16. In 1840 the State was authorized to purchase canal, probably never purchased.
Junction Canal Co. May 11, 1846 500,000 From Chemung canal at Elmira to Pennsylvania State line to connect with North Branch canal. Completed in 1858. Abandoned in 1871. [see errata]
Long Island Canal Co. April 15, 1828 200,000 To connect Gravesend, Jamaica and Great South bays as far as Fire Island inlet. Nothing done.
Long Island Canal and Navigation Co. April 8, 1848 300,000 To connect Gravesend and Jamaica bays with Great South bay, and to cross Canoe place to Peconic bay. Nothing but survey done. Shinnecock and Peconic canal later built State at Canoe place; authorized in 1884.
(Main and Hamburg canal) Mar. 27, 1838 --- Main street to Hamburg street, Buffalo. City of Buffalo authorized to construct canal. Partly built by City. State assumed work in 1840 and later completed canal. Abandoned in 1898.
Manlius Canal Co. April 15, 1828 50,000 Erie canal and Manlius, canal or slack-water navigation. State canal feeder.
Neversink Navigation Co. April 16, 1816 50,000 --- The project failed. The State loaned its credit for $10,000 and lost the whole sum.
Newtown and Flushing Canal Co. April 22, 1898 100,000 Newtown and Flushing creeks.  
New York and Sharon Canal Co. April 19, 1823 --- From Sharon, Conn., to tide-water at any point on the Hudson or in the City of New York. Surveyed nearly on the present line of the Hudson R.R.
Niagara Canal Co. April 5, 1798 --- Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Route first surveyed in 1796, resurveyed after incorporation. Nothing further done.
Niagara Canal Co. April 11, 1823 120,000 From Niagara river, above the falls, to Lewiston. Nothing done but survey.
Niagara Ship Canal Co. July 21, 1853 5,000,000 Lake Erie to Lake Ontario Nothing done.
Niagara Ship Canal Co. April 24, 1866 6,000,000 From a point on Niagara river above falls to a point below on the river or upon the shore of Lake Ontario. Nothing done.
Northern Inland Lock Navigation Co. Mar. 30, 1792 --- Hudsons river and Lake Champlain. Work commenced but no part completed.
Northern Slack-water and Railway Co. May 13, 1846 2,000,000 Port Kent and Boonville. Nothing done.
Oneida Lake Canal Co. Mar. 22, 1832 40,000 Oneida lake and Erie canal. Finished in 1835 at a cost of nearly $90,000, and purchased by the State in 1841, for $50,000.
Onondaga Canal Co . Nov. 25, 1824 --- Erie canal and Onondaga Hollow. Not constructed.
Ontario Canal Co. Mar. 31, 1821 100,000 Canandaigua lake and Erie canal. Nothing done.
Orange and Sussex Canal Co. April 9, 1824 600,000 From Columbia, on the Delaware, through Orange county, to the Hudson. The right granted in 1828 to build a railroad on the line. Nothing done on either.
Oswegatchie Navigation Co. April 25, 1831 30,000 From the St. Lawrence to Black lake and Canton. Nothing done.
Oswegatchie Navigation Co. April 12, 1848 10,000 --- To improve Oswegatchie river and Black lake.
Oswego Canal Co. April 23, 1823 10,000 Canal on east side of Oswego river, below Oswego falls. After the company had expended from $3,000 to $4,000 for improvements, the State took possession of works to form part of Oswego canal.
Owasco and Erie Canal Co. May 1, 1829 150,000 Owasco lake and Erie canal. Nothing done.
Peaconic Navigation Co. Mar. 10, 1835 10,000 --- To improve Peaconic river from Riverhead. Never completed.
Peconic River Lock Navigation Co. April 8, 1808 5,000 --- To construct locks and dams in Peconic river. Nothing done.
Riverhead Canal and Mill Co. April 17, 1854 10,000 Forge pond on Peconic river and Riverhead.  
Rochester Canal and R.R. Co. Mar. 26, 1831 30,000 Rochester and Lake Ontario. Railroad only constructed.
Salmon River Harbor Canal Co. May 16, 1837 350,000 Lake Ontario and Port Ontario. Never completed.
Scottsville Canal Co. April 30, 1829 15,000 Scottsville and Genesee river. Built in 1837 and used for several years in carrying grain and flour from the southwestern part of Monroe county.
Seneca Lock Navigation Co. April 6, 1813 50,000 For improving navigation between Seneca and Cayuga lakes. Improvements completed in 1821. State authorized to purchase company's rights in 1825.
Seneca and Susquehannah Lock Navigation Co. Mar. 31, 1815 300,000 From Seneca lake to Chemung river at Elmira. Nothing done.
Sodus Canal Co. Mar. 19, 1829 200,000 From Seneca river or Canandaigua outlet to Great Sodus Bay. Partly constructed, but never used. $100,000 expended. (See Assembly Documents, 1851, Nos. 64 and 65, for history.)
Sparkill Creek Canal Co. May 2, 1871 100,000 From Sparkill creek, at New York-New Jersey boundary line, through town of Orangetown, Rockland county, to the Hudson river.  
St. Lawrence Lock Co. April 1, 1808 --- For building locks at Isle au Rapid. Locks completed, but too small for general use.
Susquehannah and Chenango (Side canal). [see errata] May 20, 1836 --- Susquehannah river at Brandywine creek to Chenango canal. Individuals (not incorporated) authorized to construct canal and to charge triple tolls. Nothing done.
Tidal Waterway Co. May 19, 1894 5,000 --- To construct canals in First Senate District (Long Island).
Wallabocht Canal Co. April 9, 1828 20,000 Wallabocht bay and Tillory street, Brooklyn. Not constructed.
Wallabout Canal Co. April 18, 1838 25,000 Wallabout bay to Williamsburg (now part of Bíklyn).  
Western Inland Lock Navigation Co. Mar. 30, 1792 --- To open navigation on the Mohawk, Wood creek, Oneida, Oswego and Seneca rivers to Lake Ontario and to Seneca lake. Completed to Oneida lake in 1798, State having given much aid. Wood creek further improved in 1820. The grants west of Oneida lake were surrendered in 1808. The State purchased all remaining rights in 1802, and used a few available portions for the Erie canal.

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