State of New York Report of the Joint Legislative Committee on The Barge Canal

Letter of Transmittal

To the Legislature of the State of New York:

Pursuant to concurrent resolution adopted by the assembly on March 28, 1960, and by the Senate on March 31, 1960, the Joint Legislative Committee on the Barge Canal respectfully submits this report covering the work of its investigation to and including the present date.

Edward F. Crawford, Chairman
E. Ogden Bush, Vice Chairman
Owen M. Begley, Secretary
Robert C. McEwen
Alonzo L. Waters
Harold H. Altro
John B. Lis

March 21, 1961

Personnel of the Committee

The Committee:

Assemblyman Edward F. Crawford, Chairman
Senator E. Ogden Bush, Vice Chairman
Senator Owen M. Begley, Secretary
Senator Robert C. McEwen
Assemblyman Alonzo L. Waters
Assemblyman Harold H. Altro
Assemblyman John B. Lis


Senator Walter J. Mahoney, President Pro Tem, The Senate
Assemblyman Joseph F. Carlino, Speaker, The Assembly
Senator Joseph Zaretzki, Minority Leader, The Senate
Assemblyman George L. Ingalls, Majority Leader, The Assembly
Assemblyman Anthony J. Travia, Minority Leaser, The Assembly
Senator Austin W. Erwin, Finance Committee Chairman, The Senate
Assemblyman Fred W. Preller, Ways and Means Committee Chairman, The Assembly

The Staff:

F. Hosmer Culkin, Counsel to the Commitee
Charles A Cusick, Associate Counsel to the Committee
Sidney Liebowitz, Minority Counsel

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